Bespoke Drawing Designs

We specialise in the design of engineering machinery in all industries through AutoCAD and Solidworks.

We also produce electric control cabinet drawings on AutoCad 2010; examples of some of our bespoke drawing designs can be seen on the Our Work page.

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What Are Bespoke Drawing Designs?

Many companies are constantly imagining pieces of equipment which would make their industry easier or more efficient, but do not know how to take their idea any further than that. At DK Engineering, we have the solution to just that. Once an idea has been formed in terms of a piece of engineering equipment that is needed within an industry, the first step in the creation of any product is to design it. This crucial stage involves deciphering a plan which will be used in the actual creation of the product. The design must be as informed and detailed as possible to ensure the success of the manufacturing process.

The most effective way of producing a design for manufacturing purposes is of course to create a drawing, which is as intricate as possible, so that it may then be followed precisely for manufacturing. Drawings can be used as a visual aid for the company and for the manufacturers to consider whether or not it will be feasible to be created.

Bespoke drawing designs are technical drawings which outline how a specific piece of engineering equipment will be constructed. At DK Engineering, they are professionally created using AutoCAD and Solidworks to ensure a precise, professional finish.

Bespoke drawing designs must be precise to ensure that they can be recreated in reality. They also need to be well thought out in terms of the mechanics and engineering of the design to ensure that it will be effective in doing what it will be used for and that it will be safe and durable when it is in use.

Once the design has been produced and is accepted by the client, it will then be used as the guideline for the manufacturing process.

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How Are Bespoke Drawing Designs Produced?

Most companies’ needs are specific to their particular requirements. This means that the designs produced here at DK Engineering are made to be bespoke to those individual needs. Hundreds of factors are taken into account during the design process to perfect the design, but some of the variables we consider when creating a design include the following:

Use for the equipment

Here at DK Engineering, we create designs for many different types of machinery, so our designs are not limited to one piece of machinery. When we create bespoke drawing designs, the initial consideration is of course what the engineering equipment will be used for, and how it will carry out these operations.


The materials which will be used for the engineering equipment will also be specified in the design. For this, many factors will be taken into consideration when creating the bespoke drawing designs, including the working environment the equipment will be placed in, the temperature the machinery will operate at, any friction which will occur when the equipment is being used, the durability of each component, ease of maintenance, safety of the users and many more.


The size of the engineering equipment and the space in which it will be placed in the environment are considerable issues when creating the bespoke drawing design. The equipment may be required to be a specific size to work, and there may be limited space in the environment it will be used in. The drawing will also be created to scale so that the size and proportions are clearly visible for clients and for the manufacturer.


The environment in which the engineering equipment will be used is another imperative influence in the design of the piece of engineering equipment which will be designed, as this will affect all other factors involved in the design, such as how robust it will need to be. Some of the environmental factors to be considered when creating the bespoke drawing designs include the temperature, weather conditions if it is to be placed outside, who will be operating the equipment, for how long it will be used in each day, the amount of noise the equipment will make, how it will impact other areas of the workplace and many more.


Every project has a budget, and when it comes to acquiring a bespoke piece of engineering equipment, the costing needs to be considered meticulously before going ahead with the manufacturing process. When creating your bespoke drawing designs, we will take your budget into consideration and advise you on what will be feasible for the manufacturing process. It also needs to be considered that the piece of equipment will need to be maintained and operated once it has been acquired.

Ease of maintenance

When it comes to acquiring a new piece of equipment, everyone wants one which will be easy to maintain. When producing bespoke drawing deigns, the maintenance will need to be considered, not only in terms of how it will be looked after and cleaned, but also in terms of the costs to maintain the engineering equipment, and potentially employing a person who will operate and look after the equipment. For example, the equipment may need constant maintenance and time from staff, or alternatively, it could require very little maintenance. The cost of the maintenance, as well as the cost of the design and creation of the product, will need to be weighed up against the benefits of the engineering equipment when considering its worth.


One of the top priorities in any company is to abide by the health and safety regulations for their own peace of mind and for the safety of their employees. Therefore, when designing an engineering product, it is essential that the safety of the product is taken into consideration, along with any potential risks. These risks will need to be minimalised as much as possible during the design process.

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The Designing Process

Every project undertaken at DK Engineering takes a different form, due to the specific, bespoke requirements of the engineering product which is needed. For this reason, every single process to create bespoke drawing designs is different in small detailed ways. However, the overall process of designing takes a similar form for most projects. This structure allows for movement within the progress to allow for the bespoke drawing designs to be created for its individual purposes. The following is the general process which can be used as a guideline for most design processes:

Development of the idea

Every creation starts with the first step: an idea is formed. This idea is started by the person who requires such a piece of equipment for their needs. For example, they may work in an environment where they are constantly thinking to themselves “Life would be so much easier if I had…”. From here, the idea is considered in a much more constructive way, for example, is the idea possible or feasible? If it is likely that the product can be constructed, the idea is then passed on to DK Engineers who will be able to take the next steps for it to be transformed into a reality.

At DK Engineers, the idea will be taken and worked with to construct a product which will adhere to the original requirements. Engineering principles, materials and all other considerations will be taken into account to develop the idea into a design which fulfils the objective.

Implement the ideas

Once the original idea has been considered, it is then time to put it into practise within a design. This involves considering the resources available and all other requirements which have been specified. To create a design which can be easily modified as it is developed, it is necessary to use a computer programme such as AutoCAD and Solidworks. These programmes not only allow for the construction of the design but also ensure that scale is represented within the design and that they appear professional and easy to understand for manufacturing at the next stage.

At this stage, it is normal that the design will be modified numerous times before it is settled on. This may involve changing the structure, materials, and many other aspects of the design to perfect it.

Test the design

During the process of designing, it may be the case that some aspects of the design will need to be compromised slightly to maintain that the overall end product is as efficient and close to the requirements as possible. Once the bespoke drawing designs have been created, it is essential that it is then tested against the original requirements. The fundamental requirement, of course, is that the product performs the job it was set out to do originally.

At the testing stage of the design process, it is necessary to consider all the requirements which were originally suggested so that the product is feasible for manufacturing purposes in terms of every aspect.

What Can DK Engineering Do for Me in Terms of Bespoke Drawing Designs?

In many businesses, the ultimate aim is to increase the efficiency of their processes to up their profits and make sure that they are performing to the best of their ability. In a lot of cases, engineering equipment can be very beneficial in doing this, but rarely does the company know how to implicate it.

DK Engineering takes an idea from the first step of wishing the product existed, all the way to the actualisation of it becoming a reality with a design based on engineering capabilities. We have the ability to transform your workplace and routine to something much simpler and more effective.

Not only do we specialise in designing bespoke drawing designs for engineering solutions, but we also fulfil many other requirements for companies. Other services available at DK Engineering include designing parts for machinery, providing creative solutions and trouble-shooting, project and site management, layout design for factories, freelance design engineering, preventative and predicative maintenance of all your engineering products and equipment, team management and any work which involves the use of design programmes such as SolidWorks & AutoCAD.

About US

Using knowledge, expertise, skill and over 30 years of experience in the industry, the designs created by DK Engineering provide solutions to full efficiency in your industry. We are not limited to what we design; in fact, in the past, we have created bespoke drawing designs for a full range of industries, from farming to office work and all sorts of factory machinery.

Our background and history within the industry have given us much experience in how to design and create innovative solutions using engineering and software. Having learnt through experience, specialised in what we are good at and using our passion as motivation to meet deadlines and fulfil clients’ needs, always working to exceed expectations, we are confident that our bespoke drawing designs are just what is needed in your industry for progression.

If you would like to discuss your requirements or a potential project or would like to know more about DK Engineering, please do not hesitate to get in contact. Your industry solution could be just at your fingertips.