After leaving school at sixteen I start working at Rolls-Royce Motors in Shrewsbury, Where I served a Four year Apprenticeship to become a “Skilled Millwright”. Six months after finishing my Apprenticeship I was made redundant.

With my redundancy money I bought a small van and went self-employed, I found work with a local company called Lloyds Animal Feeds, Based in Oswestry. Lloyds have about 22 Poultry sites in and around Shropshire.

I was responsible for repairing: – Feed Augers, Manure Augers, Egg Collecting Machines, Ventilation Equipment, Lighting and their many stand by Generator Plants. I also designed, manufactured and installed all types of Electrical control panels, and the total wiring of their Poultry Houses.

In 1984 I started as a subcontract for F.H.Burgess Ltd, Installing milking parlours and out of parlour feeders.

In 1988 I bought out two companies who manufactured auger to move poultry manure. We would repair and refurbish existing units and design, manufacture and install new systems, we were also involved with the manufacture of conveyor belts.

In 1992 we were asked to design a machine for separating saw dust from shaving, this was done via Augers and vibrating perforated plates, the total cost of this work was £ 82K.

In 1994 we were asked to design and manufacture a “Two Gang Rotary Brush” that could be mounted on the back of a compact tractor, to brush in top dressing on golf courses and playing fields. We build two batches of ten machines at a cost of £ 2K each.

In 1995 we were asked to design and manufacture a “Core Harvester” this was also mounted on the back of a compact tractor, the cost of these machines was £ 2.5K.

An the same time we were asked to manufacture two conveyor to be installed on top of a 40ft box trailer for the loading of saw dust at Kronaspan at Chirk. The Conveyor was a chain and flight design, The total cost of this work was £ 18K.

In 1996 I started working for Premier Sack & packaging Ltd, as there maintenance engineer. I was asked to build them a “Rolled Bottomed machine for closing paper tubes, at a cost of £ 20K.

In 2000 I started working for Holborn Engineering Ltd, Building stone crushers and grading machines.

Also in 2000 I started working for one of Shropshire largest red meat Processors as a Multi-Skilled Engineer responsible for the day to day running of their Slaughter house, Boning Hall, Retail Packing Room and Plant Rooms. I was responsible for all the machine moves from preparing the layout drawing to installing the services on the machines, also going around other company sites installing machines.