Freelance Design Engineering

Design is the first step in the creation of an engineering product. It will not be unfair to say that in the absence of designing a product can never take shape. Such is the importance of designing that it cannot be overlooked by any engineer. Designing is to engineering, what a recipe is to cooking.

Like every dish has its unique recipe, every product has a unique engineering design. The same dish can be cooked in many ways by different cooks and likewise the same product can have different designs depending upon the engineer designing it. A design engineer is your first requirement when looking to create a product that serves your engineering needs.

Basic Process of Designing

While designing does not have a pre-determined procedure, every designing process will have these stages in the development of a product.

  • Ideate

As the name suggests, ideate is the first step in the process of freelance design engineering. It is the stage at which an idea is developed. The idea illustrates or explains the working of a product and in this step one can understand how the ultimate objective will be attained and which engineering principles will be used to attain the desired results.

  • Implement

In this step, the idea is taken a step further and implemented using the resources available. This is a rough working of a process and the product developed is not the final or finished product.

  • Test

At this stage, the product is tested for its efficiency and it is determined whether the idea is able to deliver the desired results upon implementation.

The above process is repeated many times until the product is able to deliver the required results. Due to the repetitive nature of this process, design engineering is known to be an iterative process.

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What Can DK Engineering’s Freelance Design Engineering service do for you?

  • Design Engineering (bespoke machinery and/or parts)
  • Many times, in business you are confronted with a difficulty that goes above your pay grade. Engineering techniques come in handy at such times and with the right design and implementation you may be able to overcome the problem.

    However, as it often happens there is a product in mind and you know how to go about the problem but you lack the expertise required to design such a product. DK Engineering Ltd provides specialised design services and we implement such designs, offering a perfectly engineered solution to your problem.

  • Trouble-shooters and creative solution providers
  • If you find yourself stuck in a situation you can’t seem to get yourself out of, then you may need DK Engineering. We have good trouble shooting skills and we have the experience to think out of the box to provide you with a solution that makes your problems go away.

    DK Engineering Ltd has a vast experience of providing creative solutions to companies that have benefited them immensely by removing the technical glitches faced by them in operations.

  • Project and site management
  • If you have an ongoing project and require an experienced engineer then DK engineering Ltd has it covered, as we innovate different products and supervise their development. DK Engineering Ltd has a rich experience of site management and have given significant contributions to many projects.
  • Preventative and predictive maintenance
  • The process of preventative and predictive maintenance requires systematic and regular application of engineering knowledge in order to ensure that sufficient attention is being paid to the maintenance of facilities and equipment. This step is extremely important in engineering as it can prevent the deterioration of machines and make them last longer. It not only increases the life of a machine but also ensures that the equipment is performing at its optimum potential.

    We have over 30-years of knowledge and experience, so we can handle the complicated task of predicting the possible malfunctions of a machine and taking preventative steps to ensure that those problems are kept at bay.

  • Team management
  • At DK Engineering, we believe that in the beginning of any project it is important for like-minded and experienced professionals to get together. When a team is able to co-exist then it is a sign that the company is on the path of progress. But a company can only be truly successful when the team is able to work together and deliver results.

    Thus team management in many ways lies at the heart of a well-functioning company and it is especially important in all engineering companies. Through efficient team management skills we have delivered good results along with meeting deadlines.

  • SolidWorks & AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD is a software of many uses. It has helped architects, designers, engineers and many such professionals to give shape to their ideas. It not only gives you an idea of the dimensions but also illustrates the exact look of the product you have in mind. In a profession such as ours, it is a necessary tool as we are required to work in different industries that need designs and innovations.

    This software is complicated to handle and very few engineers can claim to be proficient at it. However, DK Engineering has mastered the art of creating designs on AutoCAD and we can provide you with the perfect design of the engineering product you need.

Why DK Engineering for Freelance Design Engineering?

  • We obsess over quality not Quantity

Firstly because we only take the number of projects we can handle. We believe if our plates are full we will not be able to deliver our best performance to clients. Hence we only take up the projects to which we know we can do justice.

  • We devote time to each project

At DK Engineering, we understand that every project is different and that any person looking to provide solutions to a problem should first spend considerable amount of time in understanding the intricacies of the problem and the possible ways that it can be addressed.

This ensures that the situation is understood perfectly and gets us acquainted with what is expected from us, as a Freelance Design Engineering company. We perform an in-depth analysis which brings to our notice the important things that we need to know and which equipment will be required to get the job done.

  • We have learnt through experience

Every project that we have undertaken in the past has provided us with invaluable knowledge about the sector and this has helped us gain a wide experience.

  • We can meet deadlines

For DK Engineering meeting deadlines is as important as delivering the desired results. While we do focus on freelance design engineering and creating perfect products for you, we also make sure that we are able to complete the work in the expected time even if it means working longer hours.

  • We’re good at what we do

We believe freelancing is for specialists as only those can freelance who are confident of their skills. Unlike the new recruits who need to be trained before they can be trusted with a task, we are ready to go. We have the knowledge and also the experience. The achievements listed below will give you some idea about our work and how we have come up with efficient solutions in the past for freelance design engineering.

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Key Achievements of DK Engineering

With over 30 years of experience in the engineering industry, we have designed and innovated products that have solved the problems faced by our clients. It is difficult to list everything we have done in these years and hence we have summarized some of the work that we have accomplished.

  • For a company based in Shropshire, we designed a machine running 6 lines, which fills glass jars with peanut butter oil, installs and then tightens the lids. The design of this machine was created on SolidWorks software.
  • We have designed a 5m conveyor line for a major red meat production factory based in Wrexham.
  • DK Engineering has helped a company save approximately £350k by smartly designing a conveyor line that saved those machines from becoming redundant and hence saved the company from severe losses.
  • DK Engineering came up with an easier way to remove/replace motors in 9 pits with agitator pumps. Designed new brackets, mountings and coupling shaft, making it easier to remove and fit new motors without the need to hire a mobile crane. This saved £5k each time a motor needed repairs or a new replacement.
  • We have also designed a Rotary Table Vacuum Machine for Bentley Cars in Crews.
  • DK Engineering has designed a machine to apply a lacquer to the bottom of tin cans, then sealed with a UV Lamp.
  • DK Engineering implemented a planned and predictive maintenance programme. This optimised plant usage and improved the efficiency of the plant and equipment.
  • DK Engineering redesigned the production layout to accommodate new machines in the factory.
  • DK Engineering set up a retail packing room at the company’s plant in Ireland.
  • DK Engineering successfully removed a complete line of machines from a factory, transported the machines and reinstalled it on another site. They were back in production capacity in 72 hours.
  • We successfully solved the problem of robotic machines continually breaking down due to the rollers being too heavy for the bearings. Designed and fitted lighter rollers costing 50% less and lasting 4 times as long; this reduced downtime/roller change on 10 machines by an average of 3 hours/machine.
  • Designed and manufactured machines able to be mounted on compact tractors:
  • 2 Gang Rotary Brush: To brush top dressing into golf courses and playing fields.
  • Core Harvester: The machine was used to lift a core of soil that has been pulled out of ground to stop compaction, with the cores lifted up by rubber conveyor belt with rubber strips on it. Manufactured machines exported to USA and Ireland.

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