Paper Sack Rolled Closing Machine

paper sack roller bottom closing machineTop picture shows the whole Roll Bottom Machine in situ, starting from the left, where the operator stands to feed the tubes into the machine. The centre part of the picture is the main body and on the right is the collator.

On the infeed table are four chains that have clips on to give you the spacing for the paper tube, these clips are adjustable for different size tubes.

At the back of the machine are two V belts, one on top of the other, running in opposite directions, creating a “pinch” to transport the tube through the machine.

The first operation (middle left photo) is for the machine to open the tube between the first and second ply, this is done with the aid of a folding iron and vacuum bar. When the tube is opened a rotary knife cuts the front and back edge of the top ply of the tube.

The second operation (Middle right photo) is to fold the single ply of the tube over. And then apply a hot melt glue to the part of the tube that has not been folded over, Just after the glue has been applied the rest of the tube is folded over and held down with a wide rubber belt. (bottom left photo) The tube is now a bag and passed into the collator to be counted (bottom right photo)